Don't Know Tech? 🤖
No Problem.

No technical know-how required

Don't know what all that code is about? No worries, we install everything for you. Sit back and get ready for your new customers.

All Day. All Night.

24/7 customer support

You need sleep, your chat doesn't. With Jingle you don't need to be afraid to lose customers while you're away.

One App.
100% Control.

Conversations, Customization, Analytics

Reply to product or order requests. Look up conversation histories and takeover the conversation yourself. Customize welcome & reply messages and view real-time analytics. Simply and easy within one app.

AI AI Captain

Powered by Google

Backed by an Artificial Intelligence Engine, Jingle continuously upgrades its capabilities to understand conversational flow. The more your customers chat, the better Jingle gets.

Customer Growth

Optimize your existing website traffic to perfection

Customer chats can range from looking for an exact product to requesting consultation. This provides you with the opportunity to convert an online-viewer into an in-store customer.

Make Analytics Great Again

Analyzing your audience is important. It's true.

Don't know all of your website statistics? No worries, take a quick glance at the Jingle App. See how the integration of Jingle helps the needs and wants of the customers.

Customize Everything

Your customers - Your chat

How do you want to talk to your customers? Professional English or Hipster slang? You can even choose your own Jingle color that fits best to your brand.